Traditional Bell Metal Crafts of Kerala

The perfect combination of elegance and craftsmanship
Ours is a handicrafts Industrial Co-operative Society of bell metal craftspersons, aided and administered by the Department of Industries and Commerce, Kerala. Office of the Development Commissioner (Handicrafts), Ministry of Textiles, Govt. of India have recognised us as an indigenous centre for bell metal handicrafts and started ‘Hastashilp Kendra’ a craft development centre for bell metal craft. Bellwics keeps alive the rich tradition of Kerala craftsmanship. Our products include temple and church decorations, house hold utensils, Ayurvedic treatment vessels and several type of curios made in bell metal, brass and copper. Star hotels of India and abroad are using some of our products as attractive items for their interior decorations. Each of these articles is painstakingly crafted by blending the finest of copper and tin. This has made Bellwics the largest independent unit in Kerala producing high quality bell metal items. The products as illustrated herein are only a few among our innumerable castings in Kerala style. We are also manufacturers and suppliers of all temple requisites

Why Bell metal products ?

Our products are made by good quality Bell metal. Our cooking utensils like, unpolished uruli and cheenachatty are made by high quality bell metal,ie,’vellodu’ . Our lamps are made by bell metal and not by brass. You can see the difference in the colour. Utensils in Vellodu looks like white shade and good quality bell metal lamps are reddish colour. Brass looks like yellow. Bell Metal is the combination of Copper and Tin and brass is the combination of copper and zinc. And also we are following de-waxing method in casting and not the box casting method. Because of the metal quality and casting method bell metal products will be costly than of brass.